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Founded by magazine editor, fashion writer and former stylist, Maxine Eggenberger, The Style Set is a digital destination for women who want to live their lives as stylishly as possible while, most importantly, adhering to a modest budget.

'I've never been in a position where I've got money to burn, so my goal is to create an inspirational space where you'll find the building blocks you need to live a life of affordable luxury. Outfits, interiors, travel- they needn't cost the earth, but the social media game can often make us think otherwise.'

'As my obligations have grown over the years- moving from a flat to a house, for example, has not come without its own set of financial constraints- in turn my own personal taste (especially where clothes are concerned) has had to adapt. At long last, I finally feel like I shop smarter. I invest instead of needlessly spend. Everything I buy has to be justifiable in the longevity stakes and, since I've implemented these self-imposed restraints, I regret a lot less. And I hope, whether in the articles you discover on this site or through the images you can see my Instagram, I can help you do the same. I  Because you don't need that sort of guilt in your life.'